Friday, 24 September 2010

Clothes pegs

We all have them and we all use them and in away take them for granted that they will hang out our washing and get cross with them when the brake and end up with not enough of them to peg the washing out on a really sunny hot day.

But clothes pegs have evolved and have become a artistic sculpture and have engineered themselves into funky pieces of jewellery that become a talking point when ever being worn.

The springs of the clothes pegs when made into a bracelet take on a architecture of their own, which is simple but yet tactile at the same time. These bracelets can be worn with any out fit, from causal to smart and will not look out of place.

The plastic pieces of the clothes pegs come in a huge variety of colours and shapes. When these are made into bracelets the results are a unusual but unique in design. Each bracelet can be in many colour combinations or a block colour but would still create an interesting architecture.
  • The Spring bracelet is priced at £10.00 and the plastic coloured clothes peg bracelet is priced at £10 and in available in Green, Red, Blue & Yellow strip or Baby Pink, Pastel Blue and White strip.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Buttons Buttons Every Where

I have finally got around to going through my huge collection of buttons that are spread all around my studio. I love buttons they are so vibrant in colour and always make a statement when ever they are used and can be worn with all most any outfit from smart to causal.

After playing around with different designs and I have created this unique necklace, with a pendant design created into the necklace with a collection off colourful buttons around the outside of the pendant. These necklaces are unique as no one necklace is made up with the same colours or the same size buttons. Making a ideal birthday or Christmas gift for your loved ones.

These necklaces are for sale on my web and on my facebook page Emu's Jewllery.
Each necklace is priced at £20.00

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Upcycled Ring Pull Bracelet

In my latest jewellery collection, I have created a bracelet made from ring pulls off fizzy aluminum drink cans.

The ring pull starts life with a very important purpose making sure the fizzy drink stays in the can and the drink does not go flat while being stored. But once the can has been opened the ring pull has no purpose any more and we throw it away with the rest of the can. But it can be rsused and given a new purpose in life by being made into a stunning piece of jewellery.

How do I collect the ring pulls? I collect the drink cans from friends, family and local business. Take the ring pull off and put to one side and cut up the rest of the can for another project. I also pick up ring pulls of the street and local parks were people have taken the ring pulls off the can and thrown on the ground. (My 12 year old son says this is embarrassing but it is a fun way to collect them.)

After collecting the ring pulls I wash dry and sort them into piles. I need approximately sixty ring pulls to make one bracelet. When I have sixty ring pulls all the same shape, I then put them into piles of 4 and cut one end of all the ring pulls.

This when the fun starts of building the bracelet. I hold one pile of four ring pulls and then slot another pile of four ring pulls to it. I continue this pattern until all fifteen piles are connected together. I then connect the last pile of four ring pulls to the first pile of ring pulls and the bracelet is complete.

This bracelet is designed to slide on and off your wrist.