Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Upcycled Ring Pull Bracelet

In my latest jewellery collection, I have created a bracelet made from ring pulls off fizzy aluminum drink cans.

The ring pull starts life with a very important purpose making sure the fizzy drink stays in the can and the drink does not go flat while being stored. But once the can has been opened the ring pull has no purpose any more and we throw it away with the rest of the can. But it can be rsused and given a new purpose in life by being made into a stunning piece of jewellery.

How do I collect the ring pulls? I collect the drink cans from friends, family and local business. Take the ring pull off and put to one side and cut up the rest of the can for another project. I also pick up ring pulls of the street and local parks were people have taken the ring pulls off the can and thrown on the ground. (My 12 year old son says this is embarrassing but it is a fun way to collect them.)

After collecting the ring pulls I wash dry and sort them into piles. I need approximately sixty ring pulls to make one bracelet. When I have sixty ring pulls all the same shape, I then put them into piles of 4 and cut one end of all the ring pulls.

This when the fun starts of building the bracelet. I hold one pile of four ring pulls and then slot another pile of four ring pulls to it. I continue this pattern until all fifteen piles are connected together. I then connect the last pile of four ring pulls to the first pile of ring pulls and the bracelet is complete.

This bracelet is designed to slide on and off your wrist.